Arelis Uribe

Arelis Uribe (Santiago de Chile, 1987) is a journalist and also Master in Political Communication. In 2016 she received the prestigious Santiago en 100 palabras Award for her story “Lionel”, and with Quiltras The Chilean National Council of Culture and Arts Award for best published book in 2017. Arelis has been Communications Director of the Chilean Observatory Against Street Harassment and of the Presidential campaign of Beatriz Sánchez. She currently teaches Creative Writing and is a contributor of digital media El Dínamo, The Clinic, Noesnalaferia and Es mi fiesta.

Quiltras portada


Quiltras (Low-Class)

Tránsito, September 2019 / 108 pages

One of the best books from Latin America in 2017

– Jorge Carrión in The New York Times

Quiltras is a collection of incisive, bitter and amusing stories at the same time. A brief powerful book that brings together critical stories of subversive significance that are narrated in first person by women that interact –sometimes with mongrel dogs, also used as a metaphor– in peripheral areas of Santiago in Chile, places where opportunities seem twice difficult. How is love and friendship in this narrative space? Arelis´ answers reflects a world of inequality, abuse and machismo in which Quiltras can be read as a manifesto –that could be written from any dusty neighborhood of the world– of common women that have a good reason to rise their voices.

Quiltras also tackles issues like sexuality among women, care and love for animals, travels to Chilean villages, virtual love, adolescence and education in Chile from author´s critical and sharp point of view.