Arturo Vallejo

Arturo Vallejo (México City, 1973) is author of the novel No tengo tiempo (I have no time, Alfaguara, 2009) awarded with the Caza de Letras prize, the children´s books La princesa guerrera (The warrior Princess and other stories from Africa, Pearson 2015) and Animales que ya no están (Animals that are not longer here, El arca 2012) selected by SEP (Mexican Ministry of Public Education) for its National Reading program. In 2011, Arturo was a fellow of the Artistic Resident program of FONCA – CONACYT at Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada. Although Arturo holds now a degree in Cinematography and a Master on Literature, he does not forget his early working experiences in a serigraph workshop, a make-up studio and in a pizzeria unlocking children arcade games. His new novel is Última vez en Plutón (Last time in Pluto).



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Última vez en Plutón (Last time in Pluto)

Alfaguara, January 2016 / 208 pages

Rights acquired by: Alfaguara (World Spanish)

The narrator of this novel is a 16-year-old guy obsessed with science. He is A and got a summer job unblocking arcade games in an amusement park in Southern México City. Perhaps his goal is saving for a scientific camp at NASA, perhaps he simply wants to get away as much as possible from home in Northern Ciudad Satélite (Satellite City). In any case, what A most wants in life is that people leave him alone, but against is work, melancholy, sexual frustration, and reality itself.

It´s summer of 2006 and while in the International Astronomical Union scientists are debating definitions and typologies that will decide the future of Pluto, A´s city is collapsed and its inhabitants are confronted with an increasing violence. The characters´ vicisitudes are intertwined with Pluto´s destiny, from its discovery until its near expulsion from Solar System: In early twenty century Providence, a young H.P. Lovecraft dreams of a ninth planet -still undiscovered- as he writes and publish hundreds of articles in scientific newspapers and astronomical gazettes.

It´s 1970s in México City, A´s father-to-be arrives to town and prefers to seeks in tunnels and excavations evidence of archaeology extraterrestrial and ancient astronauts instead of listen to his liberal workmate who is in love with him. His workmate has something in common with another lady. She is X, a young blogger in current time who is doing a research to document social protest on México City´s strikes movements. Meanwhile, B – an angry and fervent metal music fan guy entangles A´s world in several ways (including his sexuality) until A run into X and equation gives us a Y (y=abx).