Carolina Sanín

Carolina Sanín (Bogotá, 1973) is author of the novels Los niños (The Children, Laguna Libros 2014, Siruela 2015) and Todo en otra parte (Everything Elsewhere, Seix Barral, 2005), the short stories Ponqué y otros cuentos (Pound cake and another stories, Norma 2010, Laguna Libros 2016), the humorous text Yosoyu (Yosoyu, Destiempo, 2013), a children book Dalia (Dalia, Norma, 2010) and the essay Alfonso X, el rey sabio (Alfonso X, the Wise King, Panamericana, 2009). Her texts have appeared in magazines and anthologies in Latin America, the United States and Spain. Between 2009 and 2012 she held a Sunday column in the newspaper ‘El Espectador’. Currently, she publishes a monthly column in the magazine ‘Arcadia’. She obtained a Ph.D in Hispanic Literature from Yale University where she specialized in medieval literature. She also has worked as a translator and a professor at the State University of New York-Purchase College and in the Universidad de los Andes, in Colombia.


Portada somos luces abismales


We Are Abyssal Lights (Somos luces abismales)

Literatura Random House (World Spanish)

September 2018 / 206 pp.

The eight compositions that make up this book escape the conventions of literary genre. They are essays that become autobiographical stories and poems, illuminating the ques-tions that the author makes about nature, literature, and writing. Sanín traverses her texts as paths; she twists and problematizes them, as she makes visible some of the relations that constitute human experience. The author looks and looks again at the reader, the writer within, a ghostly horse, an agonizing pigeon, a dying friend, a goat, viruses and fleas, in order to imagine, rethink and rename that which shines in the abyss of existence. 


caratula ponque.indd


Ponqué y otros cuentos (Pound cake and another stories)

Laguna Libros, April 2016 / 112 pages

A story about the end of love in an apartment inhabited by farm animals; a listener who does not bear that people laugh without her knowledge of that; a woman who reflects on the theory of the microcosm while she is traveling in a bus toward the sea; a train traveling in a circle to a small town whose passengers are not the same on they arrive at destination; a girl warning in her birthday that she is beating a own life record, while she is compulsively speculating about sports; a man whose lover step on with her wooden shoe in revenge for a cruel joke; a eccentric duel for a glimpsed death; a gracious named Miriam whose greatest aspiration is to be so Jewish as her name.

The eight stories collected in this book -all disturbing and full of meaning- are about fatal and innocent characters, which is after all, a search to the core of literature.



Los niños (The Children)

Siruela, 2015 / 142 pages

Rights acquired by:                                                 

Siruela (World Spanish except Colombia)   

Laguna Libros (Colombia only)

Estruendomundo (Spanish, Chile & Perú only)

Black & Ríos (Argentina only)

MacLehose Press (World English)

A haunting fable of fantasy, mystery and bureaucracy from one of Colombia’s most talented young writers.

One day, as she enters her local supermarket, Laura Romero has a startling encounter with a beggar, who seems to offer her a child. A short while later, in the middle of the night, she discovers a mysterious young boy on the pavement outside her apartment building: Fidel, who is six years old, a child with seemingly no origins or meaning. With few clues to guide her as she tries to discover his real identity, Laura finds herself swept into a bureaucratic maelstrom of fantastical proportions. From the National Institute for the Welfare of Families to the Hearth & Home Centre, from imagined worlds to lost loves, The Children explores the limits of isolation and intimacy, motherhood, neglect and compassion, filtered through the lives of two lonely people, whose coming together is less for company and more to share their loneliness.

A tender, intelligent novel from a startling and brilliant new voice in English translation.


Sanin_Todo en otra parte Todo en otra parte (Everything Elsewhere)

Seix Barral, 2005 / 232 pages                                                             Complete English translation available

When Carlota hear about a man who is making a dog, she decides to leave her job as a cinema subtitler, abandon his boyfriend and decides to go around the world in stages, in a singular itinerary. Meantime, ‘Los Mundos’ (a newspaper, a radio station and a television channel) constantly informs of her inconsequential and enigmatic adventures, and about the confusing changes of couples among her friends. This first novel by Carolina Sanín envisions a world of unusual characters and comical disturbing situations, where rumors come to life. With a frank and accurate style, Sanín creates a game that explores the relationship in everyday life, memory and Media while from startle to startle, her writing travels the labyrinths of the narrative voice with a inexhaustible and bizarre imagination.