Fernando Mena

Fernando Mena* (Chile, 1984) is an actor, playwright and singer-songwriter. Fernando is also the Artistic director of the company Teatro Virgen of Valparaiso and author of the play “Amanda” (winner of the national contest Dramaturgy of the exile of the Chilean Museum of memory and human rights) among other plays. In 2012, his story “Exhaustion” (“Cansancio”) obtained the Audience Award of the literary contest “Santiago in 100 words” and was voted as the most popular tale of all its editions, too. Fernando´s first novel is Home (Hogar)¸ written under the auspices of Chile´s National Book and Reading Fund.

* Represented in collaboration with Kindberg Editorial.  





Kindberg Editorial

Chile, Nov. 2016 / 112 pages

“This is a book for those who walk back home always along the same route. For those who have not left town and never will. Those that face up to Chile, punishments, flames and color television. With anger and sorrow but without surrender.”
– Paulina Flores, author of Humiliation

At thirty your life is a moorland. You have neither couple nor children, scarcely some friends. Weekends are the same as at twenty years old, only that now talks are about cars, cell phones and salaries. Your home is a box of matches. Your daily life is throw away on thinking, sleeping and looking at the roof. Your shoes tighten while everybody around you are looking for a “big life”. Is there any hope?

Yes, there is. Between the “Maracanazo” of Cóndor Rojas that  deprived Chile of competing in the 1994 World Cup and Pinilla´s missed winning goal in last minute of World Cup 2014, Fernando Mena follows Manuel: A memorable struggling character who is trying to keep his internal flame in a country made to manage losses. A tender and luminous thirty-something guy we want to hug and help in his next move while inviting him a Pisco&Coke.