Jorge Luis Sánchez Bravo

Jorge Luis Sánchez Bravo (Havana, 1961) is a former technical investigator -specialized in fires and explosions- of Cuba Central Crime Laboratory. Two years ago he decided to write full-time and has been awarded with prizes in novel, short stories and poetry. His first novel Delirium City (Ciudad Delirio (still unpublished) was finalist of the Peruvian International Biennial for Novel COPE and with his second novel The detective, the Salt and the Lamb (El detective, la sal y el cordero) Jorge Luis won the Writers’ National Union of Cuba Award (UNEAC) 2015. He also has written Bahamas – a historical thriller that display from current times a different version of the events than took place in October, 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Jorge Luis lives in Havana, where besides reading and to write, he dedicates his time to hunt and fishing.


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The detective, the Salt and the Lamb                                                       (El detective, la sal y el cordero)

Ediciones B, March 2016 / 292 pages

Rights acquired by: Ediciones B México (World Spanish)


An inebriated homicide detective on the verge to retire, faces the case of a serial killer and rapist that leaves the same distinctive element in every crime: the use of abundant granulated salt inside the body of the victims. A satanic ritual or conservation attempt? This case constitutes a real challenge for the forensic laboratory technicians since salt is a very effective way to destroy any vestige of accusatory DNA and there is not other clue to follow.

Detective´s frustration is nothing compared to his real pain: He feels guilty for the death of his younger son. A chronic disease discovered during a routinely medical check-up is just a small piece in detective´s mental puzzle. From the constant check-ups at the hospital, detective suddenly experience a closer relationship with his doctor – Arturo – since both discover that they share a love for fishing and whisky. But these are not be the two men´s unique preferences: Arturo´s wife Sarah turns target of detective´s sexual desires and he gets dragged in a maelstrom from which he cannot escape and that transgresses all limits he believed to have ever. And this is only the beginning of debacle to come.

Serial killer acts again. The team reacts and manages to capture him. Unfortunately, intricacies of law cut short the case: the defendant is declared legal incompetent by madness. Exempted from penal responsibility, the killer is absolved and sent to internment in a psychiatric center. Nevertheless, victims cry out for justice; someone decide to take the law into his own hands…

Detective hardly remembers his victories and failures of his career. His only concern is to find a true meaning to Arturo´s friendship. The detective concludes that he is sorry for their excesses of last weeks and decides to remedy the situation by planning a perfect crime of unforeseeable consequences for one of them.