Vicente Alfonso

Vicente Alfonso (Torreón, México, 1977) is a journalist and author of the novels Bones of San Lorenzo (Huesos de San Lorenzo – Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz International Prize 2015) and A score for a dead woman (Partitura para mujer muerta, Literatura Random House 2008) awarded in México with the National Noir Prize; the short stories books Counting nights (Contar las noches – María Luisa Puga National Short Stories Award) and The Esquilo Syndrome (El síndrome de Esquilo, Ficticia 2007). He compiled and wrote the preface of essays on the literary work of acclaimed José Revueltas entitled Vice live (El vicio de vivir). Vicente has been recipient of the prestigious Foundation for Mexican Literature (twice), the Mexican Fund for Culture and the Arts of Coahuila State and also with a fellowship of the International Cooperation México-USA Program for an Artistic Residence at Winston-Salem (USA). He is currently co-editor of the cultural supplement ‘Confabulario’ of Mexican newspaper El Universal.


Portada Huesos de San Lorenzo


Bones of San Lorenzo (Huesos de San Lorenzo)

Tusquets, November 2015 / 240 pages

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Tusquets México (Spanish for México, USA and Central America only).

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Bones of San Lorenzo is clean and precise – from the beginning until the last page – through unexpected twists. Vicente is an excellent novelist and his novel a complete non-stop reading”  Élmer Mendoza, author of Silver Bullets (Tusquets Award), MacLehose Press

“Vicente explores a superior horizon, of a major complexity that other Mexican current stories. He knows how to elevate the expectations about the scope of Mexican noir novels.”  Sergio González Rodríguez, multi-award journalist, winner of the Anagrama Prize and fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Mexican Art Fund.

“A complex and challenging artifact gifted of an expressive fluency an vitality.”  – Letras Libres magazine

“Vicente Alfonso is one of the best contemporary Mexican writers. Bones of San Lorenzo is a extraordinary noir and literary novel at the same time, conceived as a juicy challenge for readers ability to multiply and look through a sort of One Thousand and One Nights done with guerrilla, impunity, adventure, love and a meeting with destiny.”  Martín Solares, author of Don´t send flowers, Grove Atlantic

Set in the North of México in the 1990s, Bones of San Lorenzo is the story of the Ayala: An identical twins whose identity conflicts lead to a struggle in which both come off badly. Bones of San Lorenzo is assembled from the testimonies of people who lived with the twins at different times of their lives and confront us to an enigmas tangled:

How much truth and lie are in the stories that twin Remo tells to his psychologist?

Remo´s psychologist – shocked by Remo apprehension and for the seriousness of charges against him – accepts to be part of the team that will defend his innocence. As time goes on, reality give more disturbing facts about Remo´s past and psychologist must conclude if Remo´s monologues are fantasies or confessions of appalling crimes.

What happened to the young seer nicknamed the Girl?

Is it possible to kill a man in a bar without anyone able to confirm the identity of the murderer? Was Remo? Was his twin?

In what circumstances their mother died and why people try to erase her traces?

Why her tomb is empty?

Who send threatening letters to twins´s father?

One twin lies and the other tries to accuse his brother?

The answers to solve these mysteries will reconstruct the history of Ayala´s family while merge and reinforce the premise of Bones of San Lorenzo: Any reality has infinitive interpretations.